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Nothin’ But Authentic KISS Autographs Here

Updated 10/11/04

**About the Photos**

I’ll be adding pictures pretty regularly so check back to see more!  If you’re particularly interested in an item, and you don’t see it pictured, please send an email with  your request and I’ll send you the images.  Thanks for your patience as we overhaul this whole thing!  

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Item #CategoryDescriptionCondPrice
1Acebutton, 2″ button signed in silver, non-makeup photoNM $  15.00
8AceComic, Satan Music #1, signed by Ace on coverNM $  25.00
9AceComic, Satan Music #2, signed by Ace on coverNM $  25.00
3AceLP, Frehley’s Comet LP signed by Ace in black on coverEX $  25.00
7AcePersonality  Comics Presents KISS #1, signed on cover by Ace in blackEX $  25.00
6AcePhoto, Kick Ass Tour, signed in blue by Ace.  Measure 10″x12″NM $  35.00
11AceTicket stub from 1995 signed by Ace in blackEX $  20.00
2AceTrading card, Cornerstone #108 (Ace photo) signed in blue by AceNM $  25.00
12Ace+Cassette, Frehley’s Comet, signed by Ace, Ritchie, Karl & SteveEX $  20.00
60Ace+Photo, 8″x10″ black & white promo, signed by Ace and the Ace Frehley Band in silverEX $  25.00
18AutographsBaseball cap, black with silver logo signed inside flap by Eric Singer, Bruce & GeneEX $  30.00
14AutographsLP cover cutouts, Alive II, signed by Peter & AceVG+ $  40.00
20AutographsLP Flat, Frehley’s Comet Live +1, signed by Ace, John & ToddEX $  25.00
22AutographsLP Flat, Frehley’s Comet Second Sighting, signed by Ace, John, Todd, AntonEX $  30.00
25AutographsLP Flat, promo, KISS Konfidential  signed by Gene, Bruce, Eric SingerEX- $  35.00
15AutographsLP, Alive III, white vinyl, signed by Gene and Eric Singer on back coverEX $  35.00
19AutographsLP, Double Platinum, signed by Paul, Gene, Bruce & Eric Singer on coverEX $  95.00
21AutographsLP, Frehley’s Comet, signed by Anton Fig and Todd HowarthEX $  20.00
28AutographsLP, Wicked Lester Demos, signed by Paul, Gene, Bruce & Eric SingerEX $  75.00
29AutographsPass, Worldwide Convention Staff Pass signed by Gene, Paul, Eric, BruceEX $  50.00
13AutographsProgram, 1996 NY Convention, signed by John Reagan and Ritchie ScarletEX $  10.00
16AutographsPromo flat, Alive III signed by Gene, Paul, Bruce, Eric Singer.  Taped on back because of tears.  Signatures stand out!VG $  40.00
24AutographsTourbook, Japan Worldwide 1996-96, signed on cover by Bruce & Eric SingerEX $  30.00
27AutographsUnion Stage Plot Y2K signed by band in blackEX $  20.00
30Bruce KulickLP, Black Jack,  signed by Bruce Kulick on coverEX $  20.00
32Bruce KulickLP, Smashes, Thrashes & Hits, black vinyl, signed  by Bruce on back coverEX $  20.00
31Bruce KulickTicket, KISS Expo, Pennsylvania, 1998.  Signed in black by Bruce KulickEX $  10.00
34Eric SingerRevenge CD booklet signed on cover in silver by Eric SingerNM $  20.00
33Eric SingerTicket, KISS Expo, Pennsylvania, 1999.  Signed in gold by Eric SingerEX $  10.00
35GeneLP, Hotter Than Hell, Argentina, signed by Gene on back cover in black, rare LP with naked girl back coverVG+ $  50.00
36Mark St. JohnLP, Animalize, USA, signed in silver on cover by Mark St. JohnEX- $  20.00
37Mark St. JohnTourbook, Animalize, signed on cover by Mark St. John in blueEX $  35.00
38Mark St. JohnTourbook, Animalize, signed on cover by Mark St. John in silverEX $  35.00
43Orig 4LP, Destroyer, inside sleeve signed in silver by original fourEX $150.00
44Orig 4LP, Double Platinum, signed on cover by original line upEX $150.00
47Orig 4LP, Rock & Roll Over, inside record sleeve signed in silver by original 4 band membersEX $150.00
48Paul12″ Vinyl, Mexico, I Was Made For Lovin You/Charisma RARE green vinyl,  signed in purple on cover by PaulEX $  75.00
50PaulCD cover, Animalize CD cover only, signed in gold by Paul StanleyEX $  25.00
51PaulPass, Namm show pass, sgned in blue by Paul Stanley with photoEX $  20.00
52PaulPicture Disc, Solo LP picture disc, in silver by Paul, cover is VGEX $  75.00
49PaulTourbook, 1995 KISS Convention, signed on cover by PaulEX $  40.00
54Peter8-Track, Alive II, Vol II, signed in green by PeterVG $  15.00
56PeterCD, Greatest KISS CD, signed on cover in gold by PeterNM $  35.00
55PeterLP cover, Alive II, signed by Peter in goldEX $  30.00
57PeterLP, Let Me Rock You, West Germany, signed by Peter on coverEX $  30.00
58PeterLP, Out of Control, signed by Peter on cover in blackEX $  30.00
61PeterPhoto, 8″x10″ black & white, Peter in James Dean shirt and glasses.  1995.  Signed in green.EX $  25.00
59PeterTicket stub from 1993 Chicago Convention signed by Peter in blackEX $  20.00
62Peter+Photo, 8″x10″ black & white promo for Peter Criss’ 1995 band “Criss”.  Signed by the entire band in color or black and white.M $  25.00