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Frank’s KISS Collectibles

 Frank Caraglio
[email protected]
Tel:  (203) 287-9589
Fax:  (203) 407-1233
P.O. Box 4158
Hamden, CT  06514

Its understandable that first-time customers may have general questions and concerns about potential transactions, especially via the Internet. Below are a few “Online References” from some of my customers, internet and otherwise. If you still have questions after reviewing these, feel free to contact me or anyone listed here.   If you have dealt with me and would like to add a reference to share with other Kiss fans, please send it via email and I’ll be happy to add it.   Cheers and thanks!  Frank

“Online References”

If your looking at this message, chances are your having doubts about ordering from
this site.  Let me just say that FRANK is the ONLY person I deal with.  I was afraid in the beginning too, but now I send him money and a want list.  FRANK always comes through for me.  No junk, no bull……..I’ve spent over $2000 on this site and I will be spending alot more.  Give it a try….if your not 100% satisfied, I’LL SEND YOUR MONEY BACK !!!!!!  

Not really, but you get the picture. 
Bottom line…..

Brian Grassman [email protected] (KissKrazy)

I am writing you to tell you what a great job [Frank] did on my order.  I purchased a KISS lunch box and poster of Spirit of “76”.  I’m here to tell you they were in perfect condition just like Frank said.  I plan on keeping them that way to!  And there was nothing wrong with either item as far as dents, scratches, rips, or anything like that.  I was writing to tell you to keep up the good work and keep the KISS SPIRIT going for a LONG, LONG, TIME.  I will be getting back in touch with you hopefully soon. Because I found alot more stuff I want in your catalog.  Well till then KEEP A ROCKIN.

Brandon Funk

Frank is without a doubt the best KISS dealer in the U.S.A. and anywhere
else as far as that goes. I was overwhelmed at the speed of shipping and the
condition of his goods. To top that off he turned me on to some free KISS
goodies.  As a dealer I am very picky when it comes to buying collectibles and
I would stand behind this dealer anytime.  If you need more reference I can
be reached at [email protected] or visit our site at .

Frank, we love you man.
Mayne C. Sword & Robert Liveoaks
Vintagerage Collectibles

To other buyers and collectors of KISS Memorabilia:
I’ve dealt with a lot of people throughout the years (I’ve been collecting since 1975) and Frank Caraglio is the most honest about his items and he keeps you well informed.  He has held certain items for me with a small down payment and you’re not gonna find many that do this.  He has the best list of original items I’ve ever seen.   (Great person to deal with!!)  I’m not out to put any dealers down, but if you want the best, Frank Caraglio is your man!  I’ve dealt a good while with him and he’s the best.  If you need my personal referral you can even [contact me].  You won’t go wrong.  And if someone tells you they can get you a better deal, just go ahead and know, coming from experience, you’re not going to get the quality that Frank offers.
Ray Sweatt

Hi, my name is Ivan and I am a huge KISS fan from Australia.  Recently I purchased a record player from Frank Caraglio.   Let me just say that Frank’s service was first class, I received it in less than a week, and the quality of it was totally accurate to his description.  This is my first experience at purchasing from Frank and it certainly won’t
be my last. I totally recommend Frank to anyone wishing to buy top quality KISS collectibles!

Ivan Brkic

When I went looking for KISS merchandise on the web, I went to, because I had read about it, and heard only good things about it. Upon receiving my merchandise all of these “good things” that I had heard were confirmed. The merchandise was in spectacular shape, and I received it promptly. One of the things I ordered was a Creatures of the Night poster from 1983, and it is in magnificent shape, no creases or bends.  Frank is a pleasure, and relief, to deal with after disappointing internet vendors.
Dan Pedersen

“You Wanted The Best You Got The Best The Hottest Kiss Collectable Dealer In The World ….Frank C. at”
If anyone wants to contact me and find out how happy I have been with my orders, feel free. Frank has been very very cool to deal with. Frank has always come through for me every time and very punctual as well!!!! The World of Kiss needs more guys like you Frank!!!!   Totally reliable!!!!!!!  You can use me as a reference anytime!!! 

Yours sincerely,
LEN WARD   a.k.a – another satisfied customer!!!

[email protected]

About a year ago, I wrote a reference for Frank because I wanted people who might be considering buying from Frank over the net to bury their concerns by sharing my experiences.  I want to take a few moments to update that reference. Frank is always prompt in responding to your question and is always willing to work with you in obtaining the special KISS item you might be looking for. Recently, I attended the 13th annual KISS Convention and Expo in Hackensack, NJ….at Frank’s invitation. When I arrived at the convention, the first person I looked up was Frank. He made me feel welcome and I had a wonderful time. I also bought several things from him.  After getting back home, I called him a day or so later because I wanted something he had had for sale at the convention and he happened to be out of it. But, true to his nature, Frank told me he’d try to get it for me and let me know once he has it. And, I know he meant it. Bottom line, a more honest and upfront man you will never meet. Frank is one of a kind and I know I will continue to do business with him for a long, long time.


FRANK IS THE MAN!! I’ve been a customer of Frank for six years now and I’ve got to say he is without a doubt the best KISS dealer in the WORLD hands down! I have spent thousands of dollars with Frank over the years and he is the most reliable and trustworthy person I have ever dealt with. I know its not easy sending lots of money to someone you’ve never even seen before but believe me, with Frank you don’t have to worry at all!! I highly recommend Frank to anybody and everybody!
Nick Magro

Hi! I would like to tell everyone what a great dealer Frank is! I just order 36 sealed packs of series #2 cards with a mint box for $95.00. It’s great! HE’S THE BEST THERE IS, THE BEST THERE WAS, AND THE BEST THERE EVER WILL BE!
[email protected]

Throughout the past 7 years doing business with Frank, we consider ourselves very lucky to know Frank and our collection has grown thanks to his great prices and his hard work locating rare items for us.  We highly recommend Frank to anyone and we can guarantee his great prices, his honesty, and his great service. 
Tony Ventrice from “The Kiss Family”

I just thought I’d comment again on my buddy Frank.  I just placed an order from him for over $1,000.00 and received my stuff less than 7 days after sent my order. So all you first timers who are a little scared of being ripped off or given crappy stuff, take it from me Frank is without question the best dealer of Kiss stuff I have ever dealt with. Frank is not a “INTERNET DEALER” he is a fan like you and me and treats his customers like family. He is extremely fair with trades, and can get any item you are looking for if he doesn’t already have it in stock, which is very rare.  So, If your just starting to collect or are a longtime collector you will NEVER find a better person to buy from than Frank Caraglio!
Jason Klecko
[email protected] 

Frank is a great man and I’m very glad to do business with him.  I buy a lot
of merchandise from Frank and its great because in Russia it is very hard to
find cool Kiss stuff like Frank has.  Trust me!  

Kirill / [email protected]
Moscow, Russia

I have been dealing with frank for now about 2 years, and he has the best selection and the best quality of merchandise I have ever seen, he is true to his word, I have spent lots of my hard earned money on lots of different things from Frank and will continue to buy from him.  I would recommend anyone who is looking for kiss items, not to hesitate buying from him. the packages arrive quickly and in the shape he said they were in.
James McClain

I want to take a moment to let any of you KISS fans out there who are considering placing an order with Frank Caraglio and might be concerned about doing business through the Internet.  In May 1997 I went to my public library and got on the net looking for anything and everything about KISS. I found Frank’s catalog and printed a few pages because I was interested in some of his items. Frankly, I had never done business on the “net” and was concerned about doing business with someone I was probably never going to see face-to-face. I sent him an e-mail asking him if he still had the items I wanted. He responded within a few days and I sent him a money order for my order. A week or so later, I had my order. My fears were unfounded.  Having since read about Frank in the magazine the band was selling at their concerts   I find I am not the only person who feels Frank is just about the best. Several more orders have been placed with Frank and I currently have another large one pending with him AND I plan to place an even larger one with him after the first of the year. Any of you who have never placed an order with Frank over the “net” and have some concern about dealing with someone you haven’t met….trust me, he’s very nice to deal with. He’s honest and upfront with you. I’ve been in the Customer Service business for 17 years and I can’t think of anyone else in (the KISS Collectibles) business who goes to the extent (Frank does) to keep (his) customers happy.  TTYL.

‘Hi everyone. As a recent first time customer of Franks, I can’t tell how happy I was with the service I received. Firstly, let me say that, as an Australian, packaging is vital. I have ordered merchandise from the USA before and been thoroughly disappointed with the way the goods were packed (the goods subsequently arrived in poor condition). Conversely, the items that I ordered from Frank were all carefully shipped (eg- magazines in covers with cardboard backing – to prevent creases). Frank’s descriptions of the quality that the ordered items were in were spot on. The remarkably speedy arrival of the items was also appreciated. Frank is one KISS dealer that can be trusted.

Tom North
Melbourne, Australia

All I have to say is WOW!!! I have never dealt with a KISS dealer quite like Frank! I have ordered close to $800.00 worth of stuff off of Frank and plan on spending hundreds more! Like alot of you people I was apprehensive at first, The fear of getting ripped off. Well with Frank you can breath easy. All of his stuff is usualy in tens times better condition than you could imagine, When Frank says EX he means EX, And I always get my stuff within a week of shipping my order! Plus he is always willing to answer any questions you might have on any of his stuff!! Just one thing to say…. YOU WANTED THE BEST YOU GOT THE BEST!!
Jason Klecko

Frank is a GREAT person to do business with.   He is quick in getting
things out also!!  I’ve spent a lot of money on Kiss Magazines through
Frank & I definitely recommend him!!  He’s the best person for Kiss
Collectibles! —
Lisa    [email protected]

[email protected]

I’ve dealt with Frank & let me tell you something.  When he says’ something’s in good shape, it’s usually better then what you’d imagine.  I got the coolest KISS meets the Phantom movie poster from him and it just blew me away.

Hey, I’ve dealt with Frank and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. Feel free to use me as a reference.
Randy Richichi/[email protected]

Well, what can I say about buddy Frank. For starters, I’m from Brazil and you know, I should worry twice before ordering – it’s easy for a guy from another country to rip you off- but Frank always did just the greatest job. I ordered from him a lot of times and never got disappointed. Needless to say that he has the largest list, best prices and biggest knowledgment about the band, a true fan. Frank, keep on the good work buddy, I’ll always be grateful!!
Fabio Serrano/ [email protected]

I’ve been dealing with Frank now for over 2 years and all I can say is that he is the most honest and trustworthy person that I have ever dealt with. There are many so called “KISS” dealers out there, and believe me I’ve dealt with a lot of them, but Frank is by far the best! He has the largest selection of anybody, he tells you exactly what condition it is in, and usually within less than a week you will have your merchandise on your front porch. It isn’t easy for me to send hundreds of dollars 3,000 miles across the country to somebody I have never met, but with Frank, you don’t have to worry. It is Frank Caraglio who has made it possible for me to turn a room in my house into a KISS museum. I highly recommend Frank to anybody who wants a KISS museum of their own! Frank is best, forget the rest!!!
Nick Magro

I recently purchased the KISS dolls from Frank Caraglio. I will admit that I was a bit apprehensive at first, however, after speaking with Frank it became clear that he was a man of his word and a true KISS fan. Frank sent me the dolls the day after he received my order. The dolls were in the original boxes and in the exact condition he said they would be. I am extremely pleased with Franks service, and I would recommend him to any serious collector. YOU WILL GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!
John Reece/[email protected]

I first ordered from Frank in December of 1995. I bought a full set of dolls in near mint boxes. What amazed me about Frank was that it was like four or five days until Christmas and he was still able to get them to me by Christmas Eve. The dolls were exactly as he had described, and the boxes they were in were actually better than he described. Since then I have ordered several items including trading cards, comic books, and a lunchbox w/thermos autographed by Gene and Paul. Every time the package arrives, I open it up to find exactly what I ordered in the exact or better condition than Frank had described. It’s this kind of dedication and service that will keep me going back to Frank for all of my KISS needs. Just give Frank a try. You WILL NOT be disappointed.
Kyle /[email protected]